29/04/2014 - 12:25 PM
In recent years, the popularity of jacquard fabrics has grown; intricately weaved designs have become very on trend in the fashion and interior design industry.
Jacquard fabrics take their name from the method that is employed to produce them. Woven fabric is created on a loom that passes threads over and under each other to form either a plain or patterned design; however Jacquard fabrics use a mechanical loom attachment which simplifies the process.
Before 1800, patterns would have to be picked by hand and the skill weaver working the loom would have to control when the thread was passed from one side to the other.  In 1801, French silk weaver Joseph Jacquard invented the ingenious Jacquard Loom which allowed a way to automatically control the warp and weft threads on a loom.
Here is how the Jacquard process works;
  1. The desired design of the fabric is printed onto squared paper
  2. A skilled worker then translates the designs into punched cards
  3. The cards are then stitched together to form a continuous belt and fed into the loom
  4. The holes in the card control which threads are raised for weaving the pattern
In the 1800s, this new method meant that more detailed designs were available to more people as they were cheaper and easier to produce. In today’s society, jacquard looms are used to create fine quality, luxurious pieces of fashion or for home furnishings.
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