Garden Party Outfit Inspiration
04/06/2014 - 09:28 AM
One of the many perks of summer is garden parties. Longer, lighter evenings and warm weather seem like the perfect excuse to embrace the outdoors and throw a party – no matter what the occasion!
If you have been invited to a garden party, or if you are planning on hosting your own, you will need to be dressed for the event accordingly. Firstly, you should consider the formality of the party – is it a casual affair with friends or is it a larger, dressier event?

Even if the garden party is just a relaxed get together with your friends, you will still want to feel and look great! If the weather is warm, you will need to wear something comfortable that you can keep cool in, such as ROSAvelt’s exclusive floral palazzo trousers; the light, flowing floral printed material combines comfort with style. The palazzo trousers look great when worn with the ivory embroidered frill top in our range as seen below.

If the garden party is being held for a special occasion, such as a birthday or wedding, the dress code will be more formal. Finding the right balance between elegance and casual is often a challenge and it can be difficult to judge when you haven’t seen what the other guests are wearing – you want to arrive at the party and feel as good as you look!
As a general rule, pastel colours and floral prints scream summer so these are a good place to start. Choose something that is understated and subtle for a glamorous look; if you are going for a floral number, choose one that has delicate prints rather than dynamic, such as our floral printed silk dress below. 

Top Tips
  • If the party is being held on grass avoid wearing thin heels, instead choose a pair a sweet sandals or wedges.
  • At a formal garden party, keep your hair and make-up soft; go for natural a palette with an infusion of sweet pink and peach.
  • The dressier the event, the smaller the bag.
If your summer schedule is brimming with garden parties, head over to ROSAvelt online clothing for more outfit inspiration and enjoy the great outdoors in style!