Perfect for Prom
13/06/2014 - 09:50 AM
If you are in your last few months of school, you will no doubt be preparing for the social event of the year – your school prom. School proms mark a significant milestone; it is the time to celebrate your last 5 years spent in compulsory education with your peers and your chance to make a lasting impression!

Every girl wants to look their best for their prom and why shouldn’t we! It’s the perfect excuse to dress up and feel glamorous, so choosing the perfect prom dress is essential. Historically, prom dresses have been full length ball gowns, exploding with chiffon and sparkles. However, in recent years the trend of shorter, cocktail style prom dresses has grown; girls are choosing shorter styles and straying away from the traditional styles.

If you are looking for a short prom dress, ROSAvelt Clothing has a gorgeous selection of stylish dresses that are perfect for prom and will help you look and feel like the Belle of the ball.

We have a selection of beautiful brocade dresses; brocade is a decorative fabric with a raised woven design that is similar to embroidery. The brocade dresses in our collection feature luxurious intricate designs and are perfect for special occasions such as prom. Below are three of our favourite brocade dresses, including our popular gold brocade pleated dress.

For an extra splash of glitz and glamour, choose a dress that has been embellished. However, as it is a formal occasion, you may wish to consider keeping the sparkles to a minimum for a sophisticated look. Here is a selection of chic embellished dresses that are perfect prom wear; in particular the stunning beaded pink tulip dress.

One guaranteed way to look glamorous by making very little effort is to wear a classic colour, as seen below. White, black and gold are all colours associated with style and luxury; they can look simplistic and trendy when worn alone or dressed up with the right accessories.

If you would like one of these beautiful dresses, or to view our full collection of dresses, visit