Art, Colours & Logo
19/06/2013 - 08:22 PM

We at ROSAvelt have long nursed the ambition to involve the world of fine art and alternative culture in our creative processes. We hope it will act as a refreshing protagonist that inspires both us and you. It truly reflects our aspirations and the way we view and encourage the development of our products.

This led us to approach the artist Galvin Harrison who in turn teamed up with his creative partner of long standing Kevin Broadbery that resulted in the creation of our logo. Just working through that process with these two formidable figures from the world of art and photography was an experience that did not just stop at the point of designing a company logo. The creative discussion was very broad and at times very deep and we will certainly be looking to working with this fine team from Copenhagen in the non to distant future. In the meantime we hope that alongside our own news and updates Galvin Harrison will be providing updates from the world of fine arts he is involved in. Specifically in relation to his work as a curator for Sturiale Contemporary Arts who´s list of activities spreads from the cool Northen climate of Scandinavia to the parched deserts of Abu Dhabi in the Middle East.

Logo adds a great vibe to our website which we hope is in return making it an enjoyable experience for you to shop at ROSAvelt. Here is the beautiful artwork which is the basis of our Logo...Let us know your thoughts.