Just a hello
10/11/2013 - 01:59 PM

Hello Fashionista’s

With autumn in mind we recommend some special pieces for you, the more glam, embellished and embroidered outfits are such as those in our range of peplum tops, the more you feel special as soon as you slip it on.  It will definitely cheer up any rainy evening out on the tiles.

Why not add a vintage edge like with our bespoke clothing collection such as with our Jacquard Jacket or our Gold Jacquard Blazer with Sequins, these make fantastic additions to any ladies wardrobe, guaranteed to glam up any outfit and take you right from the office to an evening dinner with friends.  They would also be perfect for a little chill in the air.

We carry limited edition clothing, clothing collections, limited edition dresses, bespoke clothing, vintage clothing in our varied collection and most of which are great for an autumnal outfit! Rest assured … you will be unique (and you will definitely find something warm)! We keep an ear to the ground for the latest seasonal fashions along with an eye for sourcing quality fabrics, so you don’t have to. You can find boutique clothing online suitable for any weather at our website.

Whether you are a fabulous follower of our fashion loving brand or a newcomer to all our garment goodness, you may admit it can be difficult for the best of us to keep up will all the trends encompassing such a diverse array of womens clothing and each new trend can inspire a new favourite instantly such as the latest embroidered tops and embroidered dresses teamed up with a nice blazer or jacket just begging to be worn.

So we focus on bring you key pieces that are sure to remain very much in ‘vogue’ that you ladies can wear all year round with gorgeous fabrics that last for a long time to come – they could even last until next autumn!