Hand Embroidered Clothing
05/03/2014 - 12:26 PM
With the advances in technology and the rising need for mass produced products, the majority of clothing is no longer produced by hand. Whilst producing large quantities of clothing quickly is efficient and meets current demands, the quality of hand rendered pieces is lost and finer details are harder to achieve.

As lovers of exclusive, limited edition clothing, ROSAvelt are celebrating handcrafted clothes with our new collection of hand embroidered pieces. Below, you can see our brand new ethnic inspired embroidered crop top and print skirt.


Depending on the complexity of the design and how many colours are used, hand embroidery can be very time consuming and can require an incredible amount of hard work. More intricate patterns, such as floral prints and designs can be particularly taxing therefore the price of hand embroidered pieces are often more than mass produced high street clothing; however, the quality is unmatchable and the high level of detail is easy to appreciate.

ROSAvelt Clothing has a collection of hand embroidered clothing that is perfect for all occasions, from spring days in the countryside to an evening out on the town.