Celeb Trends: Stripes
17/06/2014 - 03:28 PM
Every year we see stripes gracing our catwalks before bursting onto the high-street, as designers magically reinvent the classic trend each season with an exhilarating new twist. In spring 2013 thick, bold striped blazers took the fashion scene by storm, whereas this spring’s trends have seen thinner, more refined stripes.

As stripes offer a simple, flattering and classic look it is no wonder than we can’t get enough of them! Particularly our favourite celebrities; back in March, Grammy-Award winner Beyoncé was spotted wearing a cream and navy striped mini-dress to an event at the Arts Club in London, completing the look with a dainty pair of ballet pumps and her hair in loose, flirty waves.

Whilst stripes are fashion classic, many of us are still reluctant to wear them as for years we have been warned by our mothers that horizontal stripes are not flattering for the female form and that we should avoid them. However, is this true or is it an urban myth?

There is some research to support that when worn, horizontal stripes make the wearer appear wider; this is largely due to the optical illusion that horizontal stripes emit as stripes distort in an obvious manner when facing protuberance.

However, some fashion experts argue that horizontal stripes should not be dismissed and that the style of clothing and the body shape are what control how flattering the garments may be. For example, nautical inspired, thin horizontal stripes can be flattering, whereas a wider striped piece can have the opposite effect.


If you are looking for something stripy this summer, ROSAvelt Clothing recommend our stylish nautical stripes shift dress – an all-time favourite that is perfect for all occasssions! Accessorise with some vibrant jewellery or a bag for a fun, flirty every day look, or keep your outfit minimalistic for a sophisticated office look.For those who are not brave enough to commit to a bold striped piece start with a few striped accessories, such as bags, shoes and scarves. 



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