What to Wear to Work
29/09/2014 - 12:58 PM
Choosing what to wear to work can be a challenge; whether your working environment is formal or more casual and relaxed. If you work in an office or on a shop floor, what you wear to work will represent you as a professional and will influence how people respond to you.
In the Office
Generally speaking, office environments are more formal and require a smarter dress code. How far you take this will depend on your career level; if your position is high up you may want to consider a pin-stripe power suit, however if you are further down the chain and spend little time meeting face to face with clients, you can choose something a little more casual such as a blouse or peplum top and pencil skirt.

As most companies don't give specific guidelines on what to wear, it can be challenging to find the find the right balance between looking smart and casual. If in doubt, it is best to over-dress and look smarter as this will make you look professional and career focused, whereas as a sloppy look will have the opposite effect and may damage your career repute.
Colour Palettes
We know that colour speaks volumes; this is no different in the workplace. Colours that we traditionally associate with work wear are;
  • Navy - which is said to give the impression of trustworthiness
  • Red - a powerful and aggressive colour
  • Grey - a conservative and 'safe' tone
  • black - every female's best colour friend, it works with every colour and looks chic
  • Pastels - when teamed with darker tones such as black and grey, pinks and nudes look super chic and sophisticated 
Loud colours such as bright pink and bold prints are a little risqué for the office, but if you work in a creative office or are very fashion forward, you may just be able to pull it off.  
What you Need to Know
As a rule, the more distracting a piece of clothing or accessory is, the less appropriate it is for office wear. Whilst it is good to keep a little individuality that reflects your personality, it is important to know the boundaries and tone it down; any statement jewellery or anything that jangles (stacks of bangles and big earrings) should be avoided, instead choose simple and subtle pieces such as a single silver bracelet and stud earrings.
If a polished look is what you are after, don't forget the details! If you are dressed to the nines in your brand new designer suit, but your shoes are scuffed and your hair is messy it will be pointless. Make sure you keep everything neat and clean, plus it's a great excuse to get that manicure!

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