Evening Wear for Women
16/10/2014 - 10:29 AM
As we approach the party season, your calendar will no doubt be filling up with invitations for nights out and events to attend; whilst the excuse to get out and let your hair down is great, sometimes finding that perfect outfit can be a challenge! If you are looking for evening wear, here are some hints and tips from ROSAvelt.

What is the Occasion?

Before even thinking about an outfit, you will need to consider the occasion - is it a formal, glamorous event? Or a night out in town with the girls? If the occasion calls for a smarter look, a structured dress or floor-length gown is a safe choice; giving you a sophisticated and elegant look. However, if you are just heading out for a girly night to grab some cocktails you will want a flirtier, less formal outfit.

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What are the Settings?

Thinking about the location and settings of the occasion before deciding on what to wear may seem a little far-fetched, but it can make all the difference on the night. For example, if you were attending a wedding reception in a marquee you would need to consider what footwear would be appropriate for outside and the weather conditions - if you are going to be outside for hours on end, a thin, little strappy number will leave you cold and fed up.
As we are not often blessed with consistent weather in the UK, dressing accordingly can be tricky. However, you can plan to a certain extent - if you know it's most likely to be cold where something with sleeves and that you can wear tights with, just a thin pair of nude tights underneath a dress can make all the difference!

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